Rowan Beggs-FrenchRowan Beggs-French


I was born and raised on the rugged west coast of New Zealand spending most of my childhood looking for any excuse to be outdoors – playing soccer, surfing, skateboarding, riding bikes and exploring the wild filled most of my time. The love and respect I developed for the wild there has permeated my life since – I always feel most at home where nature is most untouched.

At 15 I moved with my family to Geelong, Victoria and then in 2006 I joined the Air Force and moved to Canberra where I studied Aeronautical Engineering. It was during University that my love of endurance sport really began as I found balance from the strains of full time study swimming and running. In 2008 I lost my best friend, mentor and father John to a neurological disease and through that really tough time my running and riding helped me come to terms with the loss and plan an amazing future my dad would be stoked to see me fulfil. Following this I first represented Australia as an Age Group Triathlete at the World Championships on the Gold Coast in 2009.

My love of multi sport continued through my Air Force training where I successfully completed my pilots course at the top of my class in 2011. This same year I worked towards the goal of completing the Sri Chinmoy Triple Triathlon in Canberra solo. This race had captured my imagination for years, a 150 km off road adventure with 3 back to back triathlons showing off the trails of the national capital. I completed and won the race, which still rates as one of the greatest joys I have experienced in sport.

In 2012 my flying and Air Force career was cut short due to a workplace accident that put me in a critical condition with a massive head injury and damaged spine. Once again it was the foundation of movement which helped me negotiate a profoundly life changing experience. Over the years since, I have explored many disciplines within endurance sport – on road triathlon of all distances, mountain biking, trail running, multi sport, rogaining, endurance swimming and off road triathlon. I love them all, and am excited to explore new sports into the future.w

2016 was a defining year for me, finally discovering Cross Triathlon – a short course race of swimming, mountain biking and trail running. The year saw me come second outright at the Australian Championships and then win my age group at the World Championships, coming third overall. I am now embarking on racing Cross triathlon and Xterra (the same style of racing, just a different organisation) as an elite. I am excited as to what the future holds and sharing my passion for endurance with others in order to live a happier, healthier and more fulfilling life.

I am a husband to Amy, a Dad to Imogen and together, we are pursuing a life with a soft footprint on the earth.

Born: June 1988

Hometown: Paekakariki, Kapiti Coast, New Zealand

Currently residing: Canberra Australia


Instagram: @rowanbeggsfrench

Height: 195 cm

Weight: 85 kg

How I train: 6 days a week, going by feel – listening to the body. I train about half solo and half with friends

How I eat: Vegan – whole foods, mostly organic. I have a weakness for Turkish delight and garlic bread.

How I recover: At least 8 hours sleep (challenging with a toddler!), stretching, epsom salt baths, eating consistently after training and regular Chiropractic to help with my back.

Things I do when not training: Time with family, friends and community, growing my own food, time outdoors in the wild

Athletes I admire: Chrissie Wellington, Scott Jurek, Jenn Shelton, John John Florence, Serena Williams, Steph Davis, Alex Honnold, Kathrine Switzer, Kilian Jornet, Wim Hof

Favourite Music:

Pumping up – Pryda, Odesza, The Presets, Tijuana Cartel, The Chemical Brothers

Chilling out – Ash Grunwald, The Avener, Angus and Julia Stone, Morcheeba, Jack Johnson

Movies: Rush, Bourne, The Big Short, The Green Mile, Zoolander, That’s it that’s all (snowboarding), Who is J.O.B? (surfing)

Favourite food: Homemade sourdough eggplant pizza, Pumpkin and Almond Tagine, Sweet Bones Breakfast Burger

Drink of choice: Soy Latte

Coolest experiences: Helping birth my daughter at home, swimming with manta rays and humpback whales, surfing under the northern lights mid winter in Norway, flying solo 2 years before I could drive a car, winning the Sri Chinmoy Triple Triathlon for the first time, flying low level aerobatics with the Roulettes